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Standard Lubeliner

The Standard Lubeliner is a Trailer mounted Liner designed to replace the need for grease on the fifth wheel.

The Standard Lubeliner is simply fitted over the Trailer King Pin and retained with a pressed steel retaining washer.

This Liner should be used on Trailers which are infrequently coupled.

For Trailers which are frequently coupled see the Super Lubeliner.

The Standard Lubeliner offers the following benefits:

  1. No need to grease the Fifth Wheel.
  2. No more Dry Fifth Wheels.
  3. Reduces damage to Trailer Plate and Fifth Wheel surfaces.
  4. Clean Fifth Wheel and Hoses eliminating the need of steam cleaning etc.
  5. 12 Month warranty.

Quantity Available: 60

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L001: Standard Lubeliner 95.55 Quantity: